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Genuine Menswear –
Best Fabrics in Classic Cuts


If something goes wrong, we'll repair it so you can get more use out of your clothes.

No Shrinkage

We pre-wash all items in production for long-lasting fit. No shrinking, no surprises.


Good things last: Lasting design & high-quality workmanship in menswear.

The styles of the founders

Everyone has their favourite clothes – so do we!

Every day we work on the best fabrics and cuts to create style-conscious menswear.
This is how true everyday heroes are created:

Stephan loves linen: a low-key linen and cotton shirt. The fabric gets better from wash to wash and always feels great on the skin. He prefers to wear our light trousers called OLF with it. Fits everywhere and is simply comfortable to wear.

Thies likes to wear innovative fibres: As head designer, Thies' choice is special. The smart details and relaxed fit make the OWE overshirt unique. With a special fabric: Tencel. Thies likes comfortable trousers made of Tencel to go with it, as the fabric is incredibly soft on the skin.