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Know Your Impact

Sustainability is complex. Understanding that the current standard of using “sustainability” as an empty marketing phrase is destructive, has led us to understand that transparency is the way to move forward.

Instead of green-washing, we provide detailed garment information. We disclose the ethical and sustainable impacts of each garment. This way we believe we empower you to make informed choices, tailored to your values.

We Produce Under Fair Working Conditions

The fashion industry is intransparent. To ensure that you can be confident about fair working conditions, we have our products manufactured exclusively in the EU. Our production sites are small family businesses with which we have been cooperating for years. Because we know our partners so well, we have built relationships based on trust. Regular visits allow us to closely follow their work and thus ensure fair working standards.

So you can shop with us with a clear conscience.

Long-Lasting: Sustainability through Longevity

For us, this applies to friendships, relationships with our partners and customers as much as to the menswear we design. That's why we always go the extra mile to develop the highest quality fabrics for our collection. Close and trusting relationships with all our manufacturing partners ensure fair working conditions and the highest quality standards.

This way we can offer you reliable products that will accompany you for many seasons and years - just like true Companions.

Low CO2: We Minimize Our Carbon Footprint

That's why our clothes are made of only environmentally friendly fabrics that have never been derived from petrochemicals. In this way, we conserve finite resources such as fossil oil. In addition, our garments do not release microplastics. Logistics also plays a role in keeping CO2 emissions low. We pay attention to short transport routes to our partners within Europe and use DHL GoGreen for shipping to you within Germany.

So that your carbon footprint also remains as small as possible.

Our Vegan Products

Many of our garments are made from 100% vegan materials. We avoid raw materials of animal origin as much as possible and replace more and more components with high-quality, vegan alternatives. Instead of, for example, buttons made of shell, we use buttons made of corozo.

For more vegan alternatives that can easily beat conventional materials.

Biodegradable: We Stand For Naturalness

If your time with your Companion should eventually come to an end after many years together, many of our garments are fully compostable. All materials used are of purely natural origin - you can feel that on your skin. Of course, our garments made of natural materials also do not release microplastics - after all, they are plastic-free.

This is good for you and the environment.

Organic Cotton: Quality Paired With Standards

Cotton is the world's most popular fiber for clothing. It is very versatile, durable and comfortable on the skin. Our organic cotton adds to the list of benefits: it is not genetically modified, requires less water and does not use chemical pesticides.

Not only will you feel good, but you'll also be helping to protect the environment.

Linen: Eco-Friendly, Comfortable & Durable

Our garments made of linen are environmentally friendly and natural. The domestic natural fiber is grown locally in Europe, requires little fertilizer and water consumption is also much lower compared to cotton. With its special structure, linen is casual by nature. Linen is very absorbent and exceptionally breathable. That's why clothing made of linen is a great companion in summer, but also wears surprisingly comfortable in winter.

You can wear our linen products in any season - and see for yourself how long-lasting the material is.

Tencel™: Eco Friendliness Through Innovation

Tencel™ is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly fabrics on the market. The fabric is based on fibers from the renewable raw material wood. The production of Tencel™ saves water and energy compared to conventional fabrics.

And because the fabric remains odor-free for a long time, you need to wash your Tencel™ garment less often. So you save water and energy.

Wool: certified and mulesing-free

Wool is a multifunctional natural fiber. In addition to warming and wrinkle-resistant features, wool also absorbs moisture and releases it into the air - and your garment still feels dry. Because wool is dirt-repellent and does not absorb odors, it rarely needs to be cleaned. So you save water and energy.

Instead of frequent washing, airing out overnight is often enough - and your wool garment is ready to take you through the day again.