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Know Your Impact

Sustainability is complex. Understanding that the current standard of using “sustainability” as an empty marketing phrase is destructive, has led us to understand that transparency is the way to move forward.

Instead of green-washing, we provide detailed garment information. We disclose the ethical and sustainable impacts of each garment. This way we believe we empower you to make informed choices, tailored to your values.

Fair Work

We believe in mutual respect and long lasting relationships with our skilled and experienced manufacturers. By regularly visiting our production partners we are able to closely support their work – and since we only collaborate with suppliers within the EU, we can ensure controlled working standards in all our factories.


Our garments are made from only the best materials we can find; mindfully designed and manufactured to outlast seasonal trends. Assembled with skilled workmanship and experience, all of our products are durable investment pieces, offering a healthy alternative to carelessly wasteful products.

Low CO2

Determined to minimize our carbon footprint, we exclusively use eco-friendly fabrics made from organic and sustainable cellulose fibres that do not derive from petrochemicals.
Due to short travel routes to our EU-only partners, we are able to maintain low CO2-emission.


Products marked with this icon are entirely made without any consumption of animal products.


Items tagged with this icon solely use eco-friendly fabric consisting of natural fibres only and can be composted.

Eco Cotton

The garments of each product showing this icon are made from certified organic cotton only.


Garments showing this icon contain eco-friendly, natural linen. This highly absorbent fibre is valued for its exceptional breathable quality and due to its durability this material allows for trans-seasonal fabrics, which stay intact even through multiple washings.


Considered the most sustainable material on the current market, this cellulose fibre reverts back to nature with an overall recycling rate of 99.5%. And by remaining odour-free for multiple wearings it also needs fewer washings and enables saving on water and energy.


Manufactured only from controlled wood sources and produced with significantly lower fossil energy and water, EcoVero™ viscose poses as a sustainable alternative to common viscose fibre, whilst keeping all its beautiful traits like the silk-like touch and its typical subtle lustre.