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About Reliable

Being a reliable and fair partner towards our manufacturers and our customers is at the core of our brand. All our products are developed with the concept of reliable companionship in mind. 

We exclusively work with family-owned businesses based in Šiauliai, Taurage (both LT) and Barcelos (PT), who truly are experts in their craft. For many years we have been working hand in hand and are welcomed regularly at their bustling ateliers.

Close and trustful relationships with all our manufacturing partners ensure fair working conditions and the highest quality standards. This way, we can offer you reliable products to accompany you for many years. Like a companion.

About Ethical

Sustainability is complex. Understanding that the current standard of using “sustainability” as an empty marketing phrase is destructive, has led us to understand that transparency is the way to move forward.

Instead of green-washing, we provide detailed garment information. We disclose the social and environmental impacts of each garment. This way we believe we empower you to make informed choices, tailored to your values.

About Well-Designed

Instead of chasing novelty with short-lived trends, we put our expertise into perfecting casual classic pieces – offering considered menswear for your daily wardrobe that lives up to your ethics as well as your taste.

About Exceptional

Given that our skin is predominantly covered by cloth. We use the highest-grade textiles available. Exceptional fabrics made from natural, certified and low impact fibres only. After years of developing our own sustainable fabrics in house, we have built the knowledge and expertise to design from the fibre on. Keeping the whole lifecycle in mind.

Because it does make a difference.