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Studio Store

Personal Shopping at our Studio

In Berlin-Kreuzberg, directly on the Landwehrkanal, we bring the threads together. When in Berlin, book an appointment at our Studio Store where we have the whole collection available.
This way, you can dress on the spot with our advice, find your size and favourite Companion.

Where to find us

About Companions Studio Store
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 1st Hof
10999 Berlin, DE

Ring the buzzer and enter through our courtyard.

For any questions regarding our Studio Store:
Call +49 (0) 30 55221274
or message us on instagram @aboutcompanions.

Support your Local Dealer

You prefer to buy your clothes at your favourite local shop and try them on before you buy them?

We understand this very well - and we strongly believe in the relevance of local shops to our society. Independent shop owners are part of an important creative diversity and are an integral part of any neighbourhood.

You can already find About Companions in many great shops and more are coming. If you would like to know which shop is near you, please give us a call or send us a short message to