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Who We Are

Meet the Founders

About Companions is built on long lasting relationships with ethical menswear.

Founded by the two childhood friends Thies and Stephan, the brand offers full range collections featuring well-designed, casual classics made from exceptional, sustainable and low impact fabrics.

Made for forward thinking men who don’t fall for greenwashing, but seek long lasting investment pieces to accompany them throughout the seasons. Together with a small team and retailers all over the globe, the two set out to pioneer the field of ethical menswear.

Stephan's Favored

This casual classic is one of our essential cuts: Our founder’s favourite is this low impact linen and cotton blend that gets better the more it's washed and always feels great on the skin.

Thies' Favourite

This versatile vegan overshirt is our head designers favourite. The smart details and relaxed fit are what make this Companion unique. Aside from the exceptional fabrics of course.